FAQ Set up Procidures What is needed to begin on Texting Program?


Name your program:   Example: VIP Club, VIP Members Club, Text Club


Select a “Keyword” for your business   Examples of Keywords: PBV, PARSONS, BRADYS, VAPOR, PBVAPE, 2SUSHI, PIZZA1, TOAST.   The key is the shorter the better, can be an abbreviation but must be a single word. Can contain a number.


 Installed System will include:  

  • Contact List Account
  • Opt-In Landing Page
  • Mobile Kiosk Design (if requested, no hardware or device provided)
  • Advertiser Package which is shipped. All initial in-store signage, tent cards & register signs provided. PDF copies of all signage (can be used on other Social Media locations)System Dashboard can be operated from a Desktop, Tablet or Cell phone. (Desktop is recommended) Mobile Dashboard is available if operated from Tablet or Cell phone. 


    There are 2 ways to collect Opt-in’s


    Direct -Customer sends a text to short code with keyword from their phone.  Only phone number is gathered. Direct Opt-in (uses 1 message per opt-in).


    Mobile Kiosk – (Tablet in your location Wi-Fi required) Gathers more information, a Mobile Kiosk (uses 2 messages per opt-in)permission must be given by customer from their device.


    Advantages of gathering additional information from Mobile Kiosk:


    In addition to the phone number Mobile Kiosk gathers: Name,  Birthdate, Gender, Anniversary, and Zip Code. You can select what information you want to gather. Kiosk can be customized for current specials or holidays. Kiosk can also be installed on your IOS cell phone. (See Examples below)    

  • Name: When any offer or text is sent system can be set to include each customer’s name for a more customized message.
  • Birthday or Anniversary: System can be set to automatically send a special offer or gift to customer at a selected time to recognize their Birthday or Anniversary.
  • Gender: Allows you to send offers such as “Ladies Night” or “Men’s Golf Clinic”.


    Mobile Kiosk is a “FREE APP” and can be run from either an IOS or Android tablet. (IOS is highly recommended)


    The APP is made by Armor Active Inc. and is called “Mobile Kiosk”. They sponsor this free APP because they sell Mobile Kiosk Stands of all sizes for all industry types. They have incredible products.


    Mobile Kiosk is just that, Mobile.  If you attend a trade show, business expo or any event outside your business location you can take it with you and collect opt-in’s. (Wi-Fi is required or cellular service on your device)


    Kiosk Information  


    Information required to establish your account:    

  • First and Last Name for Account   (owner or manager)
  • Location address for business
  • Business location phone number
  • Cell phone number
  • Email address (this will be your User Name to log into your Dashboard)
  • Selection of Keyword
  • Selection of your Program Name
  • Approval of proofs- Your will be provided a proof of your Text Phone and Business Location Signage.
  • Method of payment: Visa, MasterCard Accepted


    Training is not required prior to starting but is recommended within the first week to ensure you are ready to begin sending offers. Phone training is very easy and takes between 30 minutes to 1 hour to complete.     Brochure Facts