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Text Messaging

Send offers, discounts, specials or announcements to your entire database in just seconds.  

Landing Pages

Landing Pages are one of the most powerful feature’s we offer. Landing Pages can be sent in the form of a simple text message but contain an amazing amount of information. One Landing Page can contain numerous photos or images, links to Facebook & Twitter, links to any portion or your entire website, google maps plus videos and more. Imagine being able to put all of this in your customer’s hands in seconds.

Mobile Coupons

Your customer’s will never worry about clipping a coupon and leaving it at home. Colorful mobile coupons featuring your Logo or products are delivered right to their cell phone. Redeem button allows you to track the effectiveness of your mobile campaigns. Notifications of expiring coupons allows you to extend or reuse your most successful coupon offers. Our system even allows them to share coupons with friends.

Mobile Kiosk

Mobile Kiosks are a great way to gather more information from your customer’s such as name, birthday, anniversary or gender will allow you to customize messages, send special anniversary or birthday offers.

Birthday Wishes

When you utilize a Mobile Kiosk to gather your customer’s information the system can be set up to automatically send a special offer to each of your customer’s to help them celebrate their birthday.

Table Wait System

This amazing restaurant feature is a full table wait board. Notifying your customer’s with a personal text message when their table is ready, our system simultaneously captures their phone number for future marketing campaigns to greatly increasing a return visits. Eliminates buying and replacing costly pagers.

Real Estate Property Listing “Electronic Flyer Box”

Real Estate Agents are amazing at multitasking. In order to service both buyers and sellers they wear many hats. The days of the empty flyer box attached to a “For Sale” sign in the yard can be over. Any information on any listing can be updated in just seconds. Agents are notified immediately when an interested buyer requests information on their listing. The ability to know when an interested buyer is in the driveway of your listing is priceless. The system offers tracking of all interested buyers for each listing making communication on buyer activity back to Seller’s simple and easy.